Champs: Battlegrounds Tournament Series

Tournament Structure & Overview

The Champs: Battlegrounds Tournament Series (CTS) is a series of ongoing competitions aimed at determining the best Champs: Battlegrounds players in North America. Each event in the CTS will feature multiple stages of online qualifying that will culminate with the top players competing for cash prizes in the event playoffs. The first event in the Champs: Battlegrounds Tournament Series will begin on 10/21/2013.

Qualifying Rounds

Players will have the opportunity to qualify in either of the first two qualifying rounds, where the Top 16 players in each group will qualify for the single-elimination playoff bracket. 

  • Each qualifying round will last 10 days, beginning at 12:00PM pacific-standard time on the first day and completing the last day at 12:00 PM pacific-standard time as designated by the schedule.
  • Players accumulate Tournament Points for winning in Player-vs-Player matches and the Top 16 players in each qualifying round will qualify for the CTS Playoffs.
  • The Tournament Points leaderboard will be updated each day at 12:00PM pacific-standard time to give players an update to their place in the standings.

Tournament Playoffs and Grand Finals

The CTS Playoffs and Grand Finals are played as a 32-player single elimination bracket where each match is decided in a best of seven games format.

  • Each round will be played at a set time, where each match will need to be completed during that period of time.
  • The CTS will feature a cash prize pool of $2,500, with payouts going to the top 8 players.
To view the schedule and tournament rules visit http://quarkgames.com/cts-rules
For answers to Frequently Asked Questions visit http://quarkgames.com/cts-FAQ
To view the playoff bracket visit http://quarkgames.com/cts-bracket
Qualifying Rounds Results: http://www.quarkgames.com/cts-rankings